About us

The brand name association VARANGER was established in 2004 by ten dedicated seafood producers in the county of Finnmark, northern Norway. The purpose of the association was to develop a new Norwegian King Crab industry. Our starting point was the unique Barents Sea with its pure, ice-cold water and the close proximity of the coastal fishing fleet to the fishery banks. This was the beginning of the process to build a regional brand name for seafood from the county of Finnmark. As of today, we count thirteen members from the seafood producers, equipment providers and educational institutions in the county.

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Our heritage


The coast of Finnmark is a veritable seafood larder that has for as long as anyone can remember provided us who live from the sea with the basis of life.

We manage this heritage in the same manner as our forefathers have always done. We employ knowledge gleaned through generations when we select the best raw materials for onward sales, domestic and abroad.


Our passion

Our passion is our pride in the genuine, north Norwegian coast culture; our need to renew and refine our ways, and our desire to share the unique qualities of our raw materials with the rest of the world.


Our promise of quality


We pledge to our customers that a product carrying the brand of VARANGER has been caught by coastal fishing vessels off the coast of Finnmark. The superb quality of the fish stems from the proximity of the fishing fleet to the fishing banks. The quality is protected through the handling on-board, and at the shoreside facilities certified for production for VARANGER.

Only the finest selection of the total production gets to carry the label VARANGER.


Our values


Fresh – because the raw materials come straight from the purest, cleanest, and freshest cold Arctic waters.
Genuine – because we ourselves catch, select, process to a high standard, and place high demands on the raw materials.
Generous – because the tough climate makes the people in our world dependent upon each other.
Respectful – because we base our operations on sustainability, and remain humble in face of the demands placed by our customers.