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The filleted cod tastes heavenly when it is rubbed with pesto and oven-baked together with garlic, bell peppers and broccoli.A fresh and colourful dish that will find favour with all the family – kids included.

Cod with vegetables in white gravy – this is something to most kids' taste. Packed in tortilla wraps and gratineed with cheese, it becomes an extra exciting variation.

This dish goes very well on the balcony a warm summer day when the barbecue is ready, but can also be made indoors any day of the year. Perhaps it could be a favourite among the children?

This cod recipe is a classic that never goes out of style. With carrot stew on the side, and crispy bacon on top, it's a tradition-rich meal for the whole family.

This is a variation of the fish gratin with mashed potato and vegetables. Easy to enjoy for young and old.

A whole piece of cod baked in the oven.
This is the Sunday roast for those who are fond of cod. Served with potatoes and green beans, this is a dish for parties.