Red king crab



One section is 3 legs and 1 claw arm attached to shoulder.  

Sizes per section:

1L: 500-700 gr
2L: 700-900 gr
3L: 900-1100 gr
4L: 1100-1300 gr
5L: 1300-1500 gr
6L: 1500-1700 gr


After slaughtering live king crab, sections is kept in rinsing UV-cleaned sea-water for 45-60 minutes to remove all blood.
Packing with 3-5% overweight in 5 or 10 kg inner boxes. Boxes are open in sides and bottom with wholes for air circulation
Freezing in blast freezer - 25-35 degr C. After freezing the product is glazed with 8-15% glaze.  
Net weigt without glaze is written on each box.


Boxes of 5 or 10 kg with innerbox, bottom and lid.


The product should be kept frozen at minimum -18’C at all times.

Shelf life

The expiration date is two years from the production date.

Intended use

The product are to be heat treated