Onboard cooked Varanger shrimps



Cooked in seawater, lightly saltet shrimps with shell on.
Size : 70 – 90 pcs shrimps per kilo.


The shrimps are cooked onboard the fishing vessel immediately after catch. They are cooled down and lightly salted. The Shrimps are then packed in boxes marked with the vessels name for easy traceability. There is an absorbent in the bottom of every box.


There is 15 kilos of shrimp in each box. The boxes are approved for air freight.


The shrimps are very depentent on adequate cooling and must be stored at temperatures between 0 – 4 degrees celsius at all times.

Shelf life

Last day of comsumtion is six days after catch.

Intended use

Hand peel the shrimp and it is ready to eat

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