Seafood from Varanger

The brand name association VARANGER was established in 2004 by ten dedicated seafood producers in the county of Finnmark, northern Norway. The purpose of the association was to develop a new Norwegian King Crab industry. Our starting point was the unique Barents Sea with its pure, ice-cold water and the close proximity of the coastal fishing fleet to the fishery banks.

This was the beginning of the process to build a regional brand name for seafood from the county of Finnmark. As of today, we count thirteen members from the seafood producers, equipment providers and educational institutions in the county.



Red king crab

Raw sections, red king crab paralithodes camtchatica.

Onboard cooked Varanger shrimps

Onboard cooked Varanger- shrimp (Pandalus borealis). The shrimps are cooked onboard the fishing vessel immediately after catch.

Cod tails

Frozen tails packed for our Varanger brand.

Cod tongues

Frozen cod tongues (Gadus morhua). Made of selected fresh fish from daily catches.


Skin- and bone-less frozen loin made from cod  gadus morhua, haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus, and saithe pollachius virens. Made of selected fresh fish from daily catches.

Sushi topping

The selection of the fish to be used in sushi toppings is done by the fishermen while still at sea. The fishermen will give the fish to be used in sushi toppings special treatment.